Dal (2nd Entry by D)

Name: Dal Genre: Indian Price Range: 3,000 – 50,000 KRW Rating: N/A Our Menu: 2 Orders of the Set B Menu Total: 80,000 ish KRW Reservations:  Recommended Memorable Item(s): … The Palak Paneer? D:  Sweetie, so… I took Soo to Dal… Are you mad?  Because, I would totally understand if you were.  I mean… you … Continue reading Dal (2nd Entry by D)

Sushi Cho (2nd Entry)

Name: Sushi Cho Genre: Japanese, Sushi Price Range: 36,000 – 210,000 KRW Rating: 5! Our Menu: 2 Courses at the Dai Total: 355,000 ish KRW Reservations: Yes Memorable Item(s): The meal? S: Two words, Ethereal sushi. That’s how this place had been described on the blogosphere. D and I experienced the dining room at Sushi … Continue reading Sushi Cho (2nd Entry)

Hong Yuan

Name: Hong Yuan Genre: Chinese Price Range: 12,000 – 200,000 KRW Rating: 4.75 out of 5 Our Menu: 2 Weekend special lunch course Total: 140,000 KRW Reservations: Recommended Memorable Item(s): Dimsum, Everything, really. D:  I’m pretty sure you all know this.  In fact, if you know us at all… I don’t even have to mention … Continue reading Hong Yuan


Name: Donburi Genre: Japanese Price Range: 6,000 – 10,000 KRW Rating: 4 out of 5 Our Menu: 1 Order of the Unagi don, 1 Order of Gakiake don Total: 18,000 KRW Reservations: None Memorable Item(s): The Unagi S: Hello all! Seung here. It has been a while since D and I have written on this … Continue reading Donburi